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3-Bucket Wash

Here’s my first attempt at a Time-lapse video.  I hope you enjoy

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First Oil Change

I had just a hair over 2K miles on the factory fill oil and decided it was time to change it out and remove whatever metal deposits that may exist from the break-in period.  I figured I’d treat this car right from the very beginning.  Here’s what went in/on the car as replacements: Read more


I just got back from Tampa where I had my 86 Opti-Guarded by Gary Dean at Premium Custom Detailing.  It look fantastic!  Also, it’s protected from the elements.  Please do yourself a favor and look up opti-coat or opti-guard.

The whole detail experience was excellent.  Gary is a master detailer and his work speaks for itself.  But I encourage anyone who needs a detail and is in the Tampa Bay area to check his shop out.  His attention to detail is extreme.

Video of the process being done