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3-Bucket Wash

Here’s my first attempt at a Time-lapse video.  I hope you enjoy

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First Oil Change

I had just a hair over 2K miles on the factory fill oil and decided it was time to change it out and remove whatever metal deposits that may exist from the break-in period.  I figured I’d treat this car right from the very beginning.  Here’s what went in/on the car as replacements: Read more

JDM Enhancements

I, like many people, would have preferred the FR-S had been released in North America the same way it was in Japan and the rest of the world — As a Toyota.  So, There’s a few little remedies that can be done.  Here are the ones that I’ve done so far.  Oh, and I’ve included the part numbers so you don’t have to deal with all of the secrecy of the part numbers on some vendor forums or whatever.  So without further delay, here are the pics and details:

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