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TRD Rear Trunk Spoiler

TRD Rear Trunk Spoiler Installed

I really like the look of the TRD Spoiler in the pictures that I saw of it.  And I like that it’s basically a factory upgrade.  So, I decided to order one from the same place I bought my authentic TRD Rear Spoiler for my MR2 Spyder quite a few years ago, Japan Parts.  Not only was the service excellent, but it was cheaper (Shipped Total) than anywhere I saw locally (including eBay) by at least $90.

Since I had my car Opti-Coated by Garry Dean, creator of Infinite Use Detail Juice, I drove the spoiler up to Tampa to have the same great treatment done to the Spoiler as well.  Then, I installed it the following weekend.  Below are some Pictures and more info related to the installation. Read more