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Busting Some Caps (TRD Style)

Since these mods are pretty small, I thought I’d group them together into one post. These mods are just some of the goodies I received from Japan Parts last week. All of these parts work together to really give some extra style to the car.

I’m happy with how they turned out. So, I won’t waste anymore time. Below are three different “caps” that I added to the car on Saturday.


First up is the TRD Radiator Cap (Part number: MS143-18001):

TRD Radiator Cap
TRD Radiator Cap

Installation is pretty simple. Remove the old cap by rotating it counter-clockwise 1/4 turn and then a little more to pop out. It is VERY IMPORTANT to ONLY do this when the engine is cold. If you remove the cap after driving around or running the engine, then you will likely get burned by the steam. Just use common sense, and you’ll be OK.

Here’s what it looks like installed:

TRD Radiator Cap - Installed
TRD Radiator Cap – Installed


Next is the TRD Oil Filler Cap (Part number: MS112-18001):

TRD Oil Filler Cap
TRD Oil Filler Cap

You should install this when the engine is cold too just so you don’t accidentally touch a hot part of the engine by mistake. I used a little oil to lube the rubber O-Ring that the cap comes with. Then I screwed the cap in. Once it was settled, I put the TRD center decal on the cap. I started the protective film peeling up a little before applying the decal so it would be easier to remove once installed.

Here’s how it looks after installation:

TRD Oil Filler Cap - Installed
TRD Oil Filler Cap – Installed


And now for the TRD Fuel Cap Cover (Part Number: MS360-00001 / 77315-SP010):

TRD Fuel Cap Cover
TRD Fuel Cap Cover

This mod may seem completely unnecessary. And it basically is. You don’t even see it unless you are putting gas in your car. But, it wasn’t too much money and it adds that extra little bit of extreme excess that I sometimes like.

Installation is actually more involved than the other 2 caps. Start out by wiping down the existing fuel cap with IPA so that the adhesive can stick properly. Then peel off the backing paper on the 2 strips of adhesive tape on the backside of the cap cover. Then push the cover onto the cap and hold firm so it sets. The cap is held on partly by the tape and partly by being a tight fit on the existing cap. It grips pretty well.

Here it is installed:

TRD Fuel Cap Cover - Installed
TRD Fuel Cap Cover – Installed

I do have to say, it looks pretty good. And I’ll be pleasantly reminded of how good it looks whenever I fill up with gas (and when I wash my car since I wipe the jambs).


Overall driving impressions are the same with the exception that I feel a little bit more pride having the parts on my car. With the added bling, I’m sure to have added at least 5 or 10 Fake HP to the car. 😉


Thanks for reading.

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