TRD Shift Knob

TRD Shift Knob

A good shift knob really makes a difference when driving.  The stock knob on the FR-S is not terrible.  But I never really liked all of the stitching on it and the convex face that seemed like it was just in the way.  The TRD Shift Knob has stitching as well, but only on the palm side of the knob (facing the rear).  It also doesn’t feel as intrusive as the stitching on the stock part.

I bought mine at Japan Parts.  The TRD shift knob is lighter than the stock one.  It’s a little wider and shorter too.  Below are the dimensions of both knobs.

Knob Type Width (mm) Height (mm)
Stock 48.33 58.59
TRD 53.63 53.25


This knob is actually made by Momo in Italy (Similar to the TRD Steering Wheel).  Installation is simple.  Unscrew the stock knob and screw on the new TRD replacement.

Here is the knob installed:

TRD Shift Knob - Installed
TRD Shift Knob – Installed



This knob feels a lot more upscale than the stock one it replaced.  The stock knob is terribly bad or anything, but this one is definitely better.  It feels more secure in my hand and the concave top provides a much better grip.  I am definitely pleased with this item.



There are some fake knobs on the market.  One of the easiest ways to tell the fake apart is the label.  The fake one will say “made in Japan”.  So you can compare the label to my picture here of the authentic TRD knob to be sure.  The other difference that I’ve seen in pictures is that the stitching and leather/pleather attachment seems to be less precise in fitment on the knock-off version.  Do the community and the scene a favor and avoid the cheap replicas.  It will only drive up the cost of the real products for those that want a quality part.

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