JDM Enhancements

I, like many people, would have preferred the FR-S had been released in North America the same way it was in Japan and the rest of the world — As a Toyota.  So, There’s a few little remedies that can be done.  Here are the ones that I’ve done so far.  Oh, and I’ve included the part numbers so you don’t have to deal with all of the secrecy of the part numbers on some vendor forums or whatever.  So without further delay, here are the pics and details:

JDM “Toyota” Nose badge (Toyota Part Number: SU003-03216  )

JDM Nose Badge


JDM “Toyota” trunk badge (Toyota Part Number: SU003-03219  )

JDM Trunk Badge


JDM “Toyota” Wheel Center Caps (Toyota Part Number: SU003-00797  )

JDM Wheel Center Caps


JDM Clear Side Markers (Toyota Part Numbers: SU003-02538, SU003-02539 )

JDM Clear Side Markers

It’s important to note that you will need to get some orange bulbs to go with these new side markers.  Here is also a great opportunity to get some LED bulbs.


JDM Exhaust Tips (Toyota Part Number: SU003-01126 )

Here is a before and after shot so you can see the difference easier.

USDM Exhaust Tips

JDM Exhaust Tips

As you can see, the JDM tips are quite a bit more substantial.


All of these mods are purely cosmetic, but I think it gives the car a nicer look.  I’m not one to just put JDM stuff on the car for the sake of having it be “JDM, Yo!”.  This is more of a transformation back to it’s original form.  Thanks for looking and I hope the part numbers help find the parts at the best prices.


  1. Thanks for posting the JDM part numbers. I plan on getting a few of those from Japan and having the numbers available will certainly make it easier.

    1. Glad to help. I’ll be posting a couple more parts and numbers after this coming weekend when I can put on the JDM 86 piston side badges and the EUDM “GT-86” trunk badge.

    1. They are held in place by a 10mm bolt on the underside of the tip. The bolt secures the tip against the pipe. It’s one of the easiest mods to do for sure.

  2. Are the exhaust tips sold as a pair, or do I need to order 2 of that part number?
    Also, same with the center caps, sold as a set or do I need to order 4 of ’em?


    1. They are all sold individually. So you’ll need to order 2 of the exhaust tips and 4 of the center caps. The center caps will require you to take the wheel off and pop the old one out from the back. Not too difficult, but I thought I’d mention it. 🙂

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