First Oil Change

I had just a hair over 2K miles on the factory fill oil and decided it was time to change it out and remove whatever metal deposits that may exist from the break-in period.  I figured I’d treat this car right from the very beginning.  Here’s what went in/on the car as replacements:

Motul 300V, Power Enterprise filter, Kwik Valve

Featured above are:

Motul 824521 High RPM 0W-20 300V Double Ester Technology Racing Lubricant for Racing Cars – 2 Liter

Fumoto Valve F-108

Power Enterprise MAG Power II Oil Filter

I used a 14mm wrench to remove the drain plug and a oil filter wrench to loosen the filter.  I put the new filter back on by hand, ensuring a proper seal.  And The QwikValve required a 17mm wrench to tighten it.  I got the version with a short nipple on the end so that I could connect a hose to it for a less, messy change in the future, but it does not stick past the lower metal cover keeping it out of harm’s way.

I also sent a sample from the Factor Fill oil into Blackstone Labs for a baseline oil analysis.  I followed the collection procedure defined on their site.  This involved getting the engine and oil up to operating temperature, then raising the car, getting the collection tank under the drain plug and collecting oil in the middle of the stream.  Then it was packaged up and shipped out today.

Blackstone Labs Sample

The benefits of oil analysis can be researched on Bob Is The Oil Guy and other various places.  This first analysis should show some traces of metal due to the break-in of the new engine.  I’ll update this post with the report once I have it.

While it may seem like a bunch of extra steps to go through, it really doesn’t take much longer than it would without doing the collection.  And with the QwikValve installed, removing the old oil will be a breeze next time and will not require a wrench.

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