A couple more JDM and EUDM mods

After a while you get a little tired of explaining what car you drive to curious strangers.  So I decided to add the EUDM trunk badge.  The one that says “GT 86”. 

The Toyota part number for this is:  PZ443-10010-00  And if you would like the installation guide, here is a link to the PDF (You will need acrobat reader or some way to view .pdf files to see it): Installation Guide

And here is the badge installed:

EUDM GT-86 Trunk Badge


And I swapped out my 86 Piston badges for the JDM ones with the red accents.  This involved some Dental floss and a medium softness guitar pick.  I worked around the badge with the pick and it came off quite easy after that.  Then I removed the remainder of the adhesive by pulling it off and finally with GooGone.  I prepped the surface with Alcohol and put the new badge in its place.

JDM red 86 Piston Side badge (Toyota Part #: SU003-03126)

JDM Red 86 Piston Badge


That’s all for now.  I’ve done some other swaps with the BRZ parts as well that I’ll get around to posting sometime soon.  Thanks for visiting.

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